Delivery Information

Please Note: we cannot guarantee Courier deliveries to Countries that may have strict protocols in place, or Courier for Products that require a script. These orders will be at your own risk and will only be replaced (via airmail) if the original order gets returned to us.

Courier Delivery:
  1. We have partnered with DHL to courier our shipments worldwide.
  2. Merchandise will be securely packed in padded envelopes and handed to the courier within 1 working day of your order.
  3. Your waybill number will be available upon email request, for you to Track & Trace.
  4. Courier delivery can be expected between 7 - 10 working days.
  5. If your parcel has not been delivered within 15 working / office days, as a result of our negligence, we will immediately ship a free replacement.
  6. The price listed on the commercial invoice, attached to your envelope, will list a selling price excluding the shipping fee.
  7. The shipping cost (for courier) is only for 2 or less items.
  8. Unfortunately, due to certain regulations we cannot ship to various countries via our courier option. We can however still use regular airmail.
  9. We are not responsible for any Custom Fees incurred.
  10. Any orders for 3 or more will be sent on subsequent days to avoid being seen by Customs as Bulk Deliveries.
Airmail Delivery:
  1. Merchandise will be packed and posted in unmarked padded envelopes.
  2. All envelopes will be mailed using recorded / registered airmail.
  3. Deliveries within the UK and some parts of greater Europe should arrive within 4 to 5 weeks. Deliveries to all other destinations may take longer.
  4. Airmail shipping cost is already included in the selling price.
  5. We will, at our own discretion, replace and repost any parcel, deemed to be damaged or gone missing, as a result of our negligence.
Country Updates:

Please note that some countries do not accept courier deliveries. In these cases we shall courier to the UK and send on via Royal Mail from there where possible. The list of countries that we simply cannot courier to shall be updated periodically as we get more information.

AUSTRALIA/SOUTH AFRICA - Unfortunately we cannot ship to these countries at all.

Unfortunately, Courier items sent to certain Countries, are being returned by Customs. We can only offer Airmail shipping at the moment. If you are unsure, please email us to confirm.

  • We will only consider replacing an order "once-only" and not if the replacement itself gets lost.
  • We will only consider replacing a parcel if the full and correct address was provided and if both parties have exhausted every effort to trace it with the local postal or courier services.
  • We will not be held responsible for, or replace, any goods destined outside the United Kingdom and confiscated by your local Customs agency. Certain high risk countries will prompt us to inform you of the risk and ask you to confirm your order and your willingness to accept the risk of confiscation.
  • We will not ship to Australia or South Africa.

Please note that some of the "hard to get" products might have gone past their expiry date. This, we are assured, should not affect its efficiency or performance since these are mainly dry goods stored under refrigeration. We will not entertain any refunds for this reason.

Please note that some of our products will have Afrikaans text, this does not affect its legitimacy. We can guarantee all the products are the original, with all the original ingredients as advertised. We may also remove contents to be able to flatten package within envelope.

The recipient of an international shipment may be subject to customs brokerage fees, import duties, and taxes after the shipment reaches the destination country. Additional charges are the responsibility of the recipient because we have no control over these government-imposed charges and cannot determine what they may be.

Customs policies vary greatly among countries. Please contact your local customs office for information.

To avoid a delay in receiving your order from customs, consider the following:
  1. Please do not refuse a shipment or ignore requests from carriers regarding duty and/or tax liability charges. Be aware that most carriers will hold a shipment for 5 days after arrival in your country before they return it to the sender.
  2. We do not refund original shipping charges for goods that are refused for delivery at customs.

Please use the link below for further info:
DHL Customs Support